A Brief Guide to Cardboard

Advanced Packaging

A few things to consider when selecting which box to choose

Box Style

  • Boxes are usually shipped flat packed to save space and are then reassembled by either taping flaps or folding panels in a certain way.
  • FEFCO codes are used to describe the style of box including how it is assembled. The most common type is 0201 (4 Flaps Top & Bottom).

Board Type

  • Single Wall boxes have 1 layer of fluting (the wavy part) between 2 outer flat layers.
  • Double wall boxes have two layers of fluting for extra strength and protection.


  • Dimensions are usually given in the form Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H)
  • Using these measurements we can use them to accommodate for the product you wish to package or extra protection for your product
  • The External Dimensions of a box can be several mm larger than the Internal Dimensions due to the thickness of the board.

Sealing Your Box

There are many ways to seal your box.  The most common form is taping where the top flaps join. Some boxes however, use a much simpler tuck-in-flap instead. In rare instances boxes carrying heavy equipment can be secured using straps.