Durable and lightweight packaging for Pottery & Glassware

We know that your professional reputation depends upon delivering stone, clay and glass products in perfect condition, and we stake our own reputation on promising nothing less than this.

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The first job of packaging of this kind is to ensure that the items in question reach the end user in perfect condition. When dealing with delicate items, the temptation might be to simply use much more packaging than usual, adding layers of protection to safeguard the products. However, this would add to the packing time and the cost of shipping, something which would impact badly on both your chain of supply and your bottom line.

At Advanced Packaging we use our experience to design packaging which is strong enough to keep your items safe but not an ounce heavier or even slightly more complex than it needs to be.

Advanced Packaging - Pottery & Glassware
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Advanced Packaging is a modern business founded to provide innovative solutions to our customers packaging needs.