New Home, New Machine

Advanced Packaging New Headquarters, Advanced Packging,

For many years, Advanced Packaging has been a shining example of excellence in the packaging sector, where creativity and precision blend to create industry standards. We are excited to announce today a significant turning point in our business, a move that not only represents expansion but also a dedication to providing unmatched quality and service.

Come along on this thrilling adventure with us as we open the doors to our new, larger, and more advanced headquarters. Beyond just physical space, this shift is a concrete representation of our unshakable commitment to packaging excellence and the principles that have driven our success up to this point.


The Weipong Venus 1025 FFG-B is the centre piece of our brand-new site, perfectly situated within our state-of-the-art building. With unparalleled precision, this cutting-edge machine can flawlessly peel, fold, and glue our boxes together, resulting in a revolutionary leap in our packaging capabilities. Get ready as we are now able to produce around 16000 boxes per hour with this powerhouse—a feat that represents the highest level of efficiency in advanced packaging.

The Weipong Venus 1025 FFG-B is unique not just because of its remarkable speed but also because of the positive impact it has on our whole business. Our overall efficiency has increased by a staggering 25% thanks to this state-of-the-art addition, which has streamlined our procedures and guaranteed a flawless workflow from conception to delivery.

However, why should this technological marvel excite you as a consumer? First and foremost, retailers—whether they be boutique businesses or major players in the market—have everything to gain from our ground-breaking machine. We’re prepared to expedite your orders by drastically cutting down on processing times, providing a quicker turnaround that meets the market’s fast-moving expectations.

Furthermore, the Weipong Venus 1025 FFG-B’s capacity to die cut boxes offers up a world of options. For budget-conscious clients who demand both efficiency and personalization, this option is revolutionary. It’s never been easier to customise packaging to meet unique requirements, and this machine gives our clients the ability to find the ideal mix between affordability and customised branding.


We welcome you to get in touch with us if you’re keen to learn more about the nuances of this state-of-the-art device or if you’re thinking of upgrading to completely transform your packaging procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact us via phone at 01782 576340 or via our easy-to-use website. Talking with us is the first step on your path to sophisticated and effective packaging solutions, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.