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Standard Flexo Postprint

The standard flexo overprint is direct printing with flexible form on absorptive base such as corrugated board with both white and brown layer. The quality of that kind of overprint depends on the following crucial elements:

  • quality of corrugated board as a base
  • quality of repro material as a starting point
  • quality of photopolymer used (printing plate)
  • quality of ink used for printing
  • technological possibilities of the printing machine
  • skills and abilities of a printer

High quality Flexo Postprint
The highest quality of print on white coated paper where the copied pictures are characterized with very high resolution due to the use of high screen ruling. It is all possible when using the highest quality components.

Our process cooperates with the most acknowledged suppliers of paper, ink, polymers and all other elements which have impact on a product quality. The whole process of printing is in the hands of highly skilled and experienced printers who, every day successfully take the most demanding challenge.

Flexo Preprint
It involves the production of corrugated board made of paper printed using the flexographic method. This method allows the production of packaging with simultaneous printing of up to 8 colors, reaching the quality of offset printing. Printed paper is imported from the best European suppliers. With large volumes, this method of production is very economically advantageous.


It is a printing method that creates an image directly based on that data sent from a computer without the use of intermediate media and printing forms; these allow you to save on the cost of their preparation and so reduce the lead time. This technology allows the implementation of many different projects regardless of the number and, importantly, bypasses many stages of the preparation.

Standard Offset Preprint

Definitely the most effective overprints are prepared by means of an offset method. Due to its unquestioned best quality, it has been increasingly setting the trend in packaging industry.
  • standard works
  • drip-off upgrading effects
  • soft-touch upgrading effects
  • gentle-touch effects
  • primer glossy finish + lacquer UV
  • primer matte finish + lacquer UV
  • aromatic lacquer metallic lacquer
  • and many others

Offset Postprint

Offset post-print is an innovative, global scale technology of preparing overprint of offset quality directly on corrugated board corrugated board. While maintaining the standards of high quality print the method has other advantages:

  • shortening the technological process through the elimination of lamination
  • immediate material availability without waiting for solid corrugated board delivery
  • possibility of reduction of a finished product’s basis weight
  • definitely much better flatness of corrugated board

Design & Samples

Packaging Design Software – KASEMAKE.

At Lyburn we can design and sample boxes to meet your requirements. We can also provide printed sample boxes for a small charge.

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