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New Home, New Machine

For many years, Advanced Packaging has been a shining example of excellence in the packaging sector, where creativity and precision blend to create industry standards. We are excited to announce today a significant turning point in our business, a move that not only represents expansion but also a dedication to providing unmatched quality and service. …

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Brick Wall, Parking Spaces with Electric Car Chargers

Our New Electric Car Chargers

At Advanced Packaging, we’ve always believed in the power of innovation and progress. We understand the critical role that businesses play in shaping a sustainable future for our planet. With this in mind, we are excited to share our latest initiative in our ongoing commitment to sustainability: the installation of electric car chargers at our …

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Our Sustainable Efforts

Hi all fellow eco-conscious readers! Here at Advanced Packaging, we would like to share an exciting development in the world of packaging – a story of how our company has taken a significant step towards enhancing our sustainability efforts by installing solar panels. As a company that is deeply invested in environmental well-being, this transformation …

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Why Advanced?

In today’s competitive marketplace, brands strive to make a lasting impression on their customers. From captivating design to sustainable practices, packaging plays a pivotal role in shaping brand perception. That’s where Advanced Packaging comes in. As a leading provider of innovative packaging solutions, Advanced Packaging is committed to helping brands elevate their products and stand …

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Advanced Packaging

A Brief Guide to Cardboard

A few things to consider when selecting which box to choose Box Style Boxes are usually shipped flat packed to save space and are then reassembled by either taping flaps or folding panels in a certain way. FEFCO codes are used to describe the style of box including how it is assembled. The most common …

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Our Newest Piece of Machinery

We are happy to announce we have acquired a new machine! We thought it was the right time to invest in ourselves to better our consumers. Therefore, we decided to buy a GTS BOXSTAR 2508 PLUS SHORT RUN BOX MAKING MACHINE. The GTS BOXSTAR is a short run machine with a fully automatic setup enabling us to provide a variety …

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Cardboard and Corrugated Cardboard

What is the difference between regular cardboard and corrugated cardboard? Cardboard that is typically found in greetings cards, craft stores, and food packaging usually refers to heavy paper-pulp or a thick paper stock. This product is easily folded and formed, but doesn’t offer much product protection. Corrugated cardboard, on the other hand, is formed in …

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Cardboard Packaging Costs

Our customers come to us for help with reducing their cardboard packaging costs. It’s not always about the unit cost of a box, as savings can be made by looking at a number of other factors. Is your packaging the best fit? It’s worth looking at the existing pallet layout of your packaging. Is there an …

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Advanced Packaging

Green is the new black

Carbon footprint and the sustainability of the forests are increasingly recognised by the packaging industry and consumers alike, primarily as a benchmark against which a reduction in carbon emissions can be measured. Here at Advanced Packaging we work closely with our clients to establish the most suitable, cost effective solutions for each individual requirement. When …

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